9-11 October 2018
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


  • Enhancing and securing the digital maritime communication infrastructure of regional navies
  • Re-designing existing platforms to achieve a strategic and tactical advantage over hostile environments
  • Monitoring and high-level surveillance of existing regional sea routes to comply with the international maritime law

  • Developing advanced detection and tracking of evolving hostile targets in the Arabian Gulf and Red Sea
  • Leveraging high-level GPS, satellite imaging, optical sensors and tactical communication systems
  • Upgrading existing weapon systems and ship handling capabilities of regional navies to manage hostile acts of piracy and smuggling targeted at critical infrastructure
  • Neutralising missile attacks on critical infrastructure by building a high level anti missile shield for corvettes and OPVs 
  • Counter-measures and capacity building for underwater sea warfare operations
  • Introducing concepts of design thinking for futuristic naval platforms

  • Integrating offboard unmanned naval warfare systems with an objective to improve naval ISR capabilities across regional waters
  • Using state-of-the-art fast boat intercepts to improve reconnaissance and protect national assets
  • Using maritime patrol aircrafts and helicopters with high endurance to support joint naval operations 
  • Counter measures for drone operations and drone attacks
  • Upgrading combat boats with the latest anti aircraft missile systems

  • Developing a ship building and home-grown manufacturing infrastructure in Saudi Arabia
  • Sourcing and improving the infrastructure to support the domestic shipbuilding and armament industry
  • Certification, testing and commissioning of vessels in Saudi Arabia